More images of Alison Forbes’ work coming soon!

My photographic journey began many years ago with documenting family, events and travel.  Over time, I realized how much pleasure I derived from capturing the essence of a special moment or scene.  I was on my way to a lifelong commitment.

I earned a B.A. from Holyoke College and have worked in business as well as gifted/talented education before earning a M.A. in English/Non-fiction Writing from the University of New Hampshire.  I’ve written travel articles for New Hampshire newspapers and  the Boston Globe.  I studied photography at the New Hampshire Institute of Art, spending a year in black and white photography, and a year in color.  There was no doubt that I enjoyed my color immersion the most, and to this day, color is a very important component of each image I capture.  More recently, I have photographed around the world for several travel companied, allowing me to combine my two passions: photography and travel.  I’ve exhibited locally and also internationally as part of joint New Hampshire/Exeter, England shows.  I belong to camera clubs in both New Hampshire and in Florida, where I spend winters.

I presently photograph with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IIIand a Fuji X-20, but believe that the photographer’s eye is more important than the equipment in creating outstanding images.  To this end, I continuously strive to hone my photographic skills in the ever-changing digital world, while evolving my vision in pursuit of memorable images.  What fun