More images of Gary Shepard’s work coming soon!


Gary Shepard began his professional art career in the early 70’s as a watercolorist.  After

much success, he expanded his talents, deciding to venture into oil painting as a new way to express himself.  His style has become more impressionistic over recent years.  He approaches this medium with the same vigor and optimism that characterize his watercolors.   The mood of his watercolors and oils are equally dramatic.

Gary started painting at the age of 20 and has been painting professionally for over 29 years.  The clarity and preciseness of all his  wonderful paintings are self-taught  -although he did take a course with the Washington School of Art.

After being inspired to paint by other artists,  Gary Shepard has successfully developed his own style of painting naturally.  His paintings concentrate mostly on  landscapes.  He is especially attracted to light and atmosphere.  His strong use of light and color is an emotional celebration.