Homeward Taack

Original oil by Peter Ferber


17 x 24 inches, 21 7/8 x 28 7/8 framed size

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(603) 569-6159


“The germ for this idea came from a painting I saw in a magazine.  It was a nautical scene in this color scheme, which I found appealing.  As I’ve mentioned before, the work of other artists often inspires and stretches me in different directions.  It reminded me of photos I’d taken years ago during a sailboat race out in The Broads.  (You can see the end of Rattlesnake Island in the background here.)  Working with those, I spent quite a bit of time arranging the boats into a pleasing composition–a more involved task than you might expect–balancing and creating a dynamic with the different mast heights and the boats’ positions.  Once that was set, I had to consider the pattern of the clouds in the sky, and the reflection of light in the water in relation to the arrangement of the boats.  This evolved as I painted, and the shape of the clouds–or more exactly the opening between them–changed several times before it seemed right.  The flexibility of the oil medium allowed me this luxury.  I didn’t have good reference for the crews.  In my pictures they were mostly hidden down in the cockpit, and I wanted to show more activity with them.  I found the Winnipesaukee Yacht Club has wonderful photos of their races posted online which I was able to use to get the positioning of the figures.  A couple of subtle details that help bring this more to life is the light coming through the translucent sails, and the reflections in the hulls.  It all makes me want to do more with sailboats, including getting out and doing some sailing myself!” -Peter Ferber