Corina has been a fun-loving, creative, and loving energy at The Art Place for seven years! We are celebrating her in this blog post before she attends graduate school this fall at SUNY New Paltz in New York. You may have seen Corina up front in the gallery, helping you with a framing design, but she is also a hard worker behind the scenes at The Art Place.

After graduating from the New Hampshire Institute of Art in 2011, Corina joined The Art Place team, and began to learn the art of framing. Corina knows all the ins and outs of custom framing design, and even took another job at a high-end gallery in New York City to frame valuable works of art. Corina really shines when it comes to color–I’ve seen her paint over imperfections on used frames, matching the color and texture of the original perfectly. But what she enjoys most is bringing her knowledge of color up front to our customers.

If you’ve had Corina help you create a framing design before, you know that she is a great listener–always keeping in mind the customer’s vision for their unique work of art. But when it comes time to make the piece shine, she pulls out all the stops to find the best frame choice, mat color, and layout to make the artwork really sing. It’s no surprise that Corina has this gift, as she is an artist herself.

Portrait study by Corina Willette

You may have seen Corina’s miniature painting on display at The Art Place, but she also paints large oil paintings, which is what she will be focusing on in her studies at SUNY New Paltz. Corina seeks to portray the “relationship of being human” in these expressive paintings. Her work ranges from portraits, to landscape, to object studies.

The Art Place has been so lucky to have Corina for the past seven years, but we are so excited to see what you accomplish at graduate school, and how your art career evolves and grows. Thank you, Corina, for all your hard work! We will miss you.