This is a selection of Tim Campbell’s artwork that is currently available at The Art Place.

TimCampbellTim Campbell identifies himself as an “outsider” artist, from the French term “art brut” which means raw or rough art, created by a self-taught individual. Tim was born in Keene New Hampshire, and decided to be an artist in second grade when he beat even high schoolers in an art competition. Later on, Campbell actually failed an art class in high school, but didn’t let it kill his passion. Tim’s art career has flourished since then, and his work can be found in galleries around the United States and internationally. In 2010, Campbell was honored with the highest award as a traditional artisan in “The Early American Life” magazine’s Directory of Traditional American Crafts.

Campbell’s work reflects his sharp sense of humor, and interest in primitive folk art as well as contemporary political and religious imagery. His work covers a vast range of subjects, including North American birds, his “Animals as People” series, and folk-style map paintings. He also loves to create caricature-like portraits, accentuating odd features and stretching proportions to fit the look he wants. “I like anything that’s not right. I don’t like perfect things.”

Tim Campell also creates sculptural work, which is often inspired by his interest in “upcycling” odd and unwanted materials from junk shops, landfills, and antique shops into whimsical sculptures.

Campbell works in his studio in Keene, New Hampshire, with his dog Otis, a Jack Russell terrier who keeps him company while he works, and serves as a muse for this whimsical self-taught artist.