This is a selection of pieces by Valerie Schurer Christle.


Valerie Schurer Christle is originally from Richmond, Surrey, England.  Whilst living there she enjoyed a wide variety of careers before moving to New Hampshire in 1980.

An intense interest in art has fired her enthusiasm for experimenting in many different media.  Works on show at The Art Place include watercolor pencil, acrylic and oil, plus photography.

Valerie’s photographic images are captured with either an SLR, or her handy little digital Leica.  She does not enhance her images, preferring to  maintain the original essence of whatever called her eye to the subject matter, be it the light, shape, or texture.  Reproductions are produced at a quality photo lab  and framed  with  conservation materials.

The most recent foray in Valerie’s interests has been an exploration of the wonderful images produced in shadows such as the striking image on a textured wall in Prague or waterlike reflections caused by the sun shining through colored bottles on her porch.