At the Ready

Original watercolor by Peter Ferber


17 x 13 7/8 inches, 25 7/8 x 22 3/4 inches framed size

To purchase, please contact The Art Place:

(603) 569-6159

“This location, looking out to Triggs Island and Copplecrown is steps away from Route 109 as it skirts the short of Wentworth. This is one of the Triggs Island landing docks depicted in my other painting of that name which I did a few years back (and is still available by the way!), I just love the simplicity of isolating the one docks and single boat–a Lyman from the 50’s which is like the one I had growing up, and replaces the aluminum rowboat that was actually here. Wanting to work with the background colors ‘wet into wet’ so they would diffuse and blend, I masked out the boat and dock, so that those background colors would be seamless underneath the boat and dock. After the initial colors were in and dry, I added several other washes to change the color a bit until I got the look I was after. I’ve discovered a new watercolor paper by Winsor-Newton (a centuries-old British supplier) that is so forgiving when you add new washes. You can play with the color, and keep going back over it without ending up with harsh edges between the old work and the new. Hard to describe, and I don’t know how they achieved this, but it’s wonderful to work on. When all was finally dry, I rendered the detail in the boat, dock, and shorelines across the lake. One of my favorite parts is the shallow water, where with very little work, you can suggest the rocky bottom, and show the reflections and shadow under the boat, all indicating that clear water that we love.” – Peter Ferber