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Peter Ferber Painting Demonstration



Join us here at the Art Place on Saturday, October 28 as well-known local artist Peter Ferber demonstrates watercolor painting between 5:00 and 7:30 PM during the Wolfeboro Art Walk.  This is a rare opportunity for you to observe one of Peter’s painting in progress.

Peter will focus on reflections and contrasts in the lake scene (above) and you’re welcome to ask questions and enjoy refreshments.

This is the last month of Wolfeboro Art Walk for 2019.  Other galleries participating in Wolfeboro Art Walk are The Kalled Gallery; Sandy Martin Gallery; Paper, Pen, and Palett; and Winnipesaukee Pottery.  Music and other entertainment as well as refreshments are part of the downtown festivities.  Check on for more details.

Peter Ferber captures the spirit of New England in various mediums – watercolors, acrylics, oils, and cut paper – and creates works of art that take the viewer to wondrous places, many of which surround us here in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.  Using his natural and honed set of skills, he creates works of art that are familiar, yet unique.  

For the past 25 years, Peter has also  painted the official posters for the New England Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society’s annual show, which also come as highly collectable artist proofs. Peter has exhibited in over 50 shows in New England and the Midwest. More than 100 reproductions of his work have been made, including over 70 limited edition prints.

The Art Place has two shows each year showcasing Peter Ferber’s new original paintings. The next show will be Saturday, February 15, 2020. The show opens at 9:30 AM and historically there has been a line waiting at the door. If you would like advance notification of his shows, please contact one of our helpful staff at ask to be added to the Peter Ferber Shows mailing list.


Peter Ferber Gallery Show Summer 2019

On Saturday, August 3rd, The Art Place in downtown Wolfeboro held its semi-annual Peter Ferber Gallery Show featuring new original paintings by local well-known artist Peter Ferber. The show continues until August 17 or as long as the paintings are available.

Peter Ferber has been showing at The Art Place gallery in downtown Wolfeboro since the early 1990s. Each year the summer (August) and winter (February) shows draw people from near and far, some of whom line up during the early hours to catch a first glimpse of his new originals and hopefully take one home.

Peter paints in a variety of mediums using watercolor, oil, acrylic and cut paper. One thing that is constantly reflected in his work is his love for nature and sense of home, as well as his keen eye for detail. “My desire is not just to produce a pleasing image, but to have those who see my work share something of the idea, the feeling, the moment of inspiration that moved me do the painting,” shared Peter.

Since 1994 Peter has also painted the official posters for the New England Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society’s annual show, which also come as highly collectable artist proofs.  He has exhibited in over 50 shows in New England and the Midwest and more than 100 reproductions of his work have been made, including over 80 limited edition prints.

The Art Place is the exclusive gallery for Peter Ferber’s original artwork and produces most of his limited edition prints.

Peter Ferber Summer 2018 Show

On Saturday, August 4, The Art Place in downtown Wolfeboro will hold its semi-annual Peter Ferber Gallery Show featuring new original paintings by local well-known artist Peter Ferber. The unveiling and artist’s reception will commence at 9:30 a.m. All are welcome to attend and meet the artist.

Peter Ferber has been showing at The Art Place gallery in downtown Wolfeboro since the early 1990’s. “It’s not just about the familiar visual scene when looking at Peter Ferber’s paintings, it’s about the emotions stirred and the many feelings one gets from his beautiful artwork, says Barbara Gibbs, owner of The Art Place.” Peter Ferber describes it best:
“Once again I feel so fortunate to share this new collection of paintings that come out of a deep love for this area that so many people feel.  Nothing makes me happier than making that connection–hearing the wonderful memories and feelings evoked in those that come to see the work.  In many ways there’s nothing new in this ‘new’ collection.  There will be some vintage boats–hundred-year-old launches and a Lyman outboard from the 1950’s.  Wonderful, simple cottages–a few on islands, and one done in the cut paper medium; boathouses here and there, including a great, rustic Adirondack style one; plenty of pine trees, mountains, and at least one loon!  That being said, I hope it never feels like I’m repeating myself!  In order to have integrity, and that spark, I always rely on some new element in the concept to inspire me.  This often comes in the form of a different color pallet or an interesting lighting effect I’ve observed. And I’m always trying to bring out the idyllic, romantic or timeless aspect of a subject–to convey more than a literal portrayal, and tap into what the subject means to people.  This approach developed in college, where we painted local scenes around town, and were taught accentuate and augment certain things about the subject to give it more weight and importance and make the painting more dramatic and interesting.  I still do this today, though in more subtle ways, since there’s not usually the need to ‘improve’ on the beauty and interest of the subjects I find around here!”

Of course lakes are a constant throughout, and this time include Wentworth, Newfound and Sunapee, in addition to Winnipesaukee–though they will feel familiar no matter what your particular favorite may be.

The paintings will include work in watercolor, acrylic, oil, and the one cut paper piece I mentioned.

In contrast to the aspects of life that seem to be constantly changing and upgrading, I love the fact that the things I’m depicting seem so timeless and solid.  And it’s always about more than just beautiful images of loved scenes.  The real connection is with deep and treasured feelings of family, in having roots in something lasting, in experiences that taught us important things, in a sense of comfort, caring, and being valued.  It’s the kind of “place” where we all want to spend time.”

Peter has exhibited in over 50 shows in New England and the Midwest. More than 100 reproductions of his work have been made, including over 75 limited edition prints.
Peter Ferber’s Gallery Show at The Art Place will be on display through August 18th or as long as paintings are available. The Art Place is the exclusive gallery for Peter Ferber’s original artwork, and produces most of his limited edition prints. The Art Place is located at 9 North Main Street, downtown Wolfeboro, NH and is open year round. Our Summer hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 9:30 to 5. Sunday 11 -3. For more information, please call 603 569- 6159. or toll free 866 569-6159.

Staff Highlight: Betty Kanca

I’d like to introduce you to Betty Kanca, or “steady Betty” as we call her at The Art Place. Betty works behind the scenes in our custom framing department, and she knows all the ins and outs of custom framing, including advanced conservation framing, and needlework framing. Betty always seems to have a trick up her sleeve to help with particularly challenging projects. She is such an important member of our team.

Betty has worked for over 20 years at The Art Place, and received her Certification from Professional Picture Framers Association in 1992. But even before coming to  New Hampshire and working at The Art Place, Betty was a skilled framer in Connecticut. To become a Certified Picture Framer, you have to be proficient in all types of framing, have an extensive education of conservation framing and materials, and take a rigorous test. Betty has always kept her certification up-to-date, which means she continues to review new framing techniques and guidelines.

At The Art Place, Betty’s favorite place is at the mat cutter. She spends hours at a time standing at this huge piece of equipment, and creating precisely cut mats for a variety of artwork. From single, double, and triple stacked mats, to reverse bevel and multiple openings, Betty tackles each project she is given by making exact measurements and carefully checking each mat for blemishes and scratches so that every customer comes away with a product they love.

Like most of the staff at The Art Place, Betty has a strong creative side. She paints with watercolor in her spare time, and is an active member of the Governor Wentworth Arts Council. You may have noticed some of her artwork during their silent auction at The Art Place in May.

With her extensive knowledge of custom framing, and hard-working attitude, we are so lucky to have Betty on The Art Place team!


WaterMark Maps Show at The Art Place

Morgan Walton started WaterMark Maps with her father when she was in high school.

Morgan Walton’s hand-painted maps of Lake Winnipesaukee show all 262 islands in perfect accuracy and detail–what a feat! Join us Saturday, July 28 from 5:00-7:00pm for a special reception at The Art Place, where you’ll meet Morgan and view her original map paintings. This event will take place during the Wolfeboro Arts Festival, so stop by The Art Place for wine and refreshments on your route through the galleries and restaurants in town.

Concord artist, Morgan Walton, started her WaterMark Maps business with her father when she was a senior in high school. Since then, she has created maps of over 350 locations! Some of them, like her map of Lake Winnipesaukee have taken over two months to create. The detail that Morgan captures with her watercolors is unmatched.

Owner of The Art Place, Barbara Gibbs, is very excited to feature this up-and-coming artist in her gallery. Morgan’s prints have been available at the Art Place since June, but “We are thrilled to see the original paintings,” says Gibbs. “Our gallery has some beautiful maps, but nothing quite like this.”

Join us for WaterMark Map’s opening reception on Saturday, July 28 from 5:00-7:00pm at The Art Place, 9 North Main Street, Wolfeboro. The show will be on display from July 21-August 1. For more information, visit our website or call us at 603-569-6159 or email us at

Custom Framing for Wedding Gifts

Over the years, The Art Place has framed some amazing, unique, beautiful, and strange things. But some of the most fun framing to complete is custom framing for weddings. Even if it’s as simple as a framed photo of the couple, or it’s a complex collage that includes an invitation, wedding season always brings some creative ideas.

Framed cake toppers

Last year, we had one of the most fun wedding projects that The Art Place has seen. We framed this set of cake toppers from the 1960s. What a creative use of framing? These delicate figurines were carefully handled, and they are framed with conservation techniques. Framing sentimental objects like this helps keep them safe, and can make a lovely decoration for your home.

The Art Place has also framed many gifts for the bride and groom. A framed photo of the couple makes a lovely wedding gift. But a framed invitation can be even more special. The Art Place has also created many custom mirrors as gifts for newly-wed couples. A framed invitation or photo sits at the top, and the mirror extends below. This can be a useful, as well as sentimental gift!

Example of framed wedding invitation from Masterpiece Framing and Imaging in Bloomingdale, IL

Example of signed mat from Arthause Custom Picture Framing in Plano, TX

It’s also a lot of fun to have wedding guests sign a mat at the reception. This is a creative way to preserve the memory of the couple’s special day. After the wedding, bring the mat back to The Art Place, and we will preserve it behind glass.

If you have a loved one with a special wedding coming up, consider stopping in at The Art Place for a quote on some of these special framing projects. It’s always a pleasure to create something that you know will be enjoyed for many years to come.

GWAC Art Auction at The Art Place

This month The Art Place is hosting a silent art auction, featuring members of the Governor Wentworth Arts Council. Make sure you take this opportunity to check out some talented local artists, support a non-profit, and maybe get some fantastic art for an unbeatable price.

Splash of Yellow, Photo by Di Simpson

When I first walked in The Art Place to see this show, my eye immediately moved to a stunning floral photograph by Di Simpson. Simpson started out as a self-taught photographer, and soon realized she had a passion for this form of art. She began to take classes in many aspects of photography, and kept a camera in the car during her commute to Concord, New Hampshire. Today she uses a digital camera to capture intimate floral images, as well as portraits of her grandchildren.

Reflective Calm, Original Watercolor by Ann Tracy

When you visit this show at The Art Place, you’ll notice that a binder accompanies the artwork and has a space for bids to be placed on the artwork. As I was flipping through the titles and artists in this book, I noticed that many of these paintings have a VERY LOW starting price. For example, this lovely watercolor by Ann Tracy titled “Reflective Calm” began at a price of $20. If that isn’t a steal, I don’t know what is!

The artwork has a huge variety of shapes sizes, colors, mediums, and even detail! From completely abstract, to the vivid detail of Peter Ferber’s signature landscapes, there is sure to be something in this unique show that catches your eye.

But don’t forget, bidding for the artwork ends on Saturday, May 26th. The silent auction ends with a bang as the first Wolfeboro Arts Festival of 2018 sweeps the town Saturday night from 5-7:30pm. Art-lovers will be scattered throughout the town, visiting seven art galleries, and eight other business with special festivities planned. Grab a cocktail special from Wolfe’s Tavern or La Boca (or craft beer special from Lone Wolf or Burnt Timber) and make your way to The Art Place for the final night of this colorful silent auction.

Winter Shadows, Original Pastel by Polly Cain

Silent Art Auction

We are so excited to be hosting a silent art auction in May! This event is organized by the Governor Wentworth Arts Council, and will feature works from their many talented artists. The artwork will be on display from April 28th through May 26th, ending with a celebration during Wolfeboro’s first Art Festival event of 2018!

We already have a donation for this event from well-know local artist Peter Ferber. He will be adding his original oil painting “Green and Gold” to the variety of pieces in the auction.

You are welcome to stop in The Art Place during store hours to see the paintings, drawings, and more on display. Bidding will take place throughout the month of May. We also welcome the public to come to The Art Place on Saturday, May 26th from 5-7:30pm for the Wolfeboro Arts Festival, and announcements of the auction sales. We hope to see you there!

Green and Gold, original oil by Peter Ferber

Hanging Art in a Bathroom

Who says a bathroom can’t be decorated with beautiful artwork? Especially if you have a large master bathroom, this space creates a great opportunity to get creative with colors and visual textures.

To get some inspiration, check out this great post on Britt + Co. Kristen Appenbrink writes about utilizing the space above your tub (if you don’t have a shower head) for a creative cluster of framed prints. Or, taking out the mirror in a kids’ bathroom is a fun opportunity to fit in an inspirational sign. Kristen also talks about “going bold” with wall color, and balancing that with images that have a lot of white space.

Framed shell prints used in Barbara Gibbs’ bathroom

Sample of frame used for framed shell prints

Barbara Gibbs used this technique in her recently re-decorated bathroom. The wall color is a deep, rich brown, and is broken up by several large framed prints of shells. This frame is really special — it has a shiny imitation mother-of-pearl finish, which really makes the shells pop!

The downside about putting art in a bathroom, is that if not taken care of correctly, humidity can permanently damage valuable pieces. This is why it’s always important to talk with a certified framer before putting artwork at risk. (And maybe put irreplaceable pieces in another part of the house.) Certified framers at The Art Place can help you make the best choices to preserve your artwork. Do you have some beautiful artwork in your bathroom? Leave a comment for us with your favorite bathroom decorating tips.


Peter Ferber Show, February 2018

Patrons stand outside of The Art Place, waiting for the doors to open so they can see Peter Ferber’s new paintings.

As usual, on a cold Saturday morning in February, fans of local artist, Peter Ferber, waited outside our gallery for the unveiling of fourteen new original paintings. Peter Ferber is well-known for his paintings of local landscapes, especially those highlighting Lake Winnipesaukee. He is the illustrator of the annual Antique and Classic Boat Show poster, which many locals, and visitors to the Lakes Region, collect. His gallery shows are always an exciting time at The Art Place.

This year, Peter brought in a selection of paintings that feature many of New England’s varied seasons. In Boat Shed Gathering, Peter paints a scene of a September afternoon. This was a scene that he came across accidentally, but caught his eye. Peter usually keeps a camera with him, so he snapped photos which he used later to design this piece. Because of the realistic quality of Peter’s paintings, you might be surprised to hear that he paints in his studio, using images he’s collected to put together each painting. In Boat Shed Gathering, he swapped out a modern aluminum boat (which was actually on the scene when he photographed it), for a wooden skiff. These types of changes make Peter’s paintings reminiscent of a more peaceful time.

Boat Shed Gathering

Another scene that Peter came across accidentally was used to create Winter Veil. Although this painting’s subtle colors and delicate quality give the viewer a peaceful feeling, it was quite stressful to paint! Layers of opaque white gouache nearly blocked out all of the detailed watercolor work that sit underneath. But the risk of destroying the painting was worth the lovely feeling of soft snow on a cold New Hampshire day that Peter created.

Winter Veil

I think my favorite season for Peter to paint is summer. Cutting Through is a new visual twist on a summer day spent boating on Lake Winnipesaukee. Peter’s daring composition shows a graceful bow cutting through the water. But this painting also holds a tiny detailed landscape–a Peter Ferber staple.



Cutting Through

Although Peter usually works in watercolor, his oil and acrylic paintings are beautifully bold, and bring out a strong sense of sunlight in Peter’s already beautiful landscapes. Ridge Road Spectators, painted in acrylic, is a great example of how glowing light can be created with paint. Peter started this painting by creating a wash of red to sit underneath the other layers of paint. This strong color peeks through just a little bit, which makes the piece come alive.

Ridge Road Spectators

Several paintings from Peter Ferber’s 2018 winter show are still on display at The Art Place. Seeing them in person makes such a big difference, so be sure you stop by soon to get a glimpse of these new paintings from a favorite local artist. The gallery’s winter hours are Tuesday-Saturday 9:30-5:00.