Beach Walkers

Original acrylic by Peter Ferber


14 x 11 inches, 16 5/8 x 13 5/8 inches framed size

To purchase, please contact The Art Place:

(603) 569-6159

“This is one of my favorite spots in the Lakes Region for experiences a lake in its pure natural state–something that’s becoming rarer and rarer these days. This is along the shore of the Chamberlain-Reynolds Forest Preserve off College Road on Squam Lake. It’s a wonderful, easy hiking place–mostly level–with several of these small beaches to visit in addition to points, coves, ledges, and marsh land. This late afternoon light I caught on my way back in my canoe. I love the feel of a real ‘forest’, set against the sliver of beach. I accentuated the height of the trees to bring out that feeling. In painting, I first did the overall shape of the treeline in a red-orange, next I put in a dark mixture of color over that, and added some slightly lighter suggestions of detail back in the woods. Finally I added the spots where the light was hitting the trees and the beach. At this point, it’s surprising what some simple brush strokes can bring out. The dog and its owner add a focal pint, and give scale to the scene.” – Peter Ferber