Chocorua Morning

#3 Original oil $7300 by Peter Ferber

36×24”  image size, 43×31″ framed size

To purchase, please visit The Art Place, 9 N. Main Street, beginning on February 13, doors open at 9:30 a.m. or call (603) 569-6159 phone lines open at 9:40 a.m.

Leaving the lakes for a while, I ventured by land to the quintessential cliché of New Hampshire landscapes–Mt. Chocorua.  I may be one of the few artists who’s never painted that picture-postcard view, so I think I’m allowed one crack at it!  I was noticing the sun rising on the Belknaps one morning, and then, out of the blue, thought, “I bet Mt. Chocorua would be striking in this light.”  So I got up there before dawn one fall day and found rich images to work with.  I was expecting that the moment the sun hit the summit would be the most dramatic, but this view came from an hour or so later, when some clouds had moved in and cast interesting shadows across the mountainside.  Also, the light catching the trees on the strip of land by the bridge helped add interest.  I called on inspiration from the White Mountain and Hudson River schools to make up my pallet, adding golden tones even in the blue sky which harmonized more with the autumn hues.  I’ve got some other “angles” on this subject, and I had so much fun with it that I expect I’ll revisit it in the near future. – Peter Ferber