Evening Number

Original watercolor with acrylic by Peter Ferber


20 3/4 x 13 3/4 inches, 29 1/8 x 22 1/8 framed size

To purchase, please contact The Art Place:

(603) 569-6159


“One of the added joys of these concerts in Cate Park is watching the sky turn into this rich, dark blue.  It was an additional treat to catch the sliver moon setting in between the trees.  At the same time, the lights appear to come up in the bandstand by contrast.  By intermission I was ready to come home and paint!  I first painted in the tree foliage in acrylic, so when I added the deep watercolor wash the foliage would hold its form, since it’s waterproof once it dries.  Adding the subtle highlights gave them some dimension and a sense of the light coming up from underneath from the bandstand area.  The crowd took many days to put in, as I kept darkening it down so it would give the right brightness to the lighted areas, without completely killing the variety of color in those shadows.  It really popped for me when I added highlights to the tops of some of the heads and chair backs.  Hope you’ve enjoyed spending some evenings like this here!” – Peter Ferber