Interlaced Reflections

Original watercolor by Peter Ferber


13 3/8 x 9 1/2 inches, 22 x 18 inches framed size

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(603) 569-6159

I came upon this gorgeous sailboat while paddling around Winter Harbor. I spent quite a bit of time circling it–photographing it from all possible angles. I was particularly struck by the stern and the reflections in the glossy hull which curve around its graceful shape. I also consciously lined up the rigging lines with Mt. Shaw in the background. I love the depth you get when juxtaposing close-up and distant things. As I worked on it, I was intrigued with the interplay of the reflections. The boat reflected in the water, and the pattern of the water in boat. But the pattern in the water is largely made up of boat’s reflection, so the boat is reflecting its own reflection. But then I could see the reflection of the hull in the water also reflected the water’s reflection on the hull! And so it goes, back and forth–technically to infinity, if we could perceive it that far. It’s the same as a mirror reflected in a mirror. Kind of mind-blowing! How much in the world must pass us by without our noticing. – Peter Ferber