Island Ladies

Original watercolor with graphite by Peter Ferber


19 x 14 1/4 inches, 26 x 22 1/8 inches framed size

To purchase, please contact The Art Place:

(603) 569-6159

“This image really grabbed me from the moment I saw it in an old family album someone showed me years ago. It certainly transports you back to another era, and is an unposed moment of life captured. I loved the relative formality of their clothing in the context of this simple boat, with the rusty, one-lung engine practically in their laps! The slightly over-exposed photograph had the white clothing blending into the bright water and sky behind. It kind of looked like a watercolor painting itself. So I followed these leads, rending the elements in pencil line, then adding light touches of watercolor–just enough to tell the story, but leaving as much white as possible. The new Winsor-Newton paper I used helped get some of the beautifully blended soft washes that describe so much. Wouldn’t you love to be sitting there and chat with them?” – Peter Ferber