Island Shelter

#6 Original Oil  $3200

by Peter Ferber

18×18” image size, 22.5×22.5″ framed size

To purchase, please visit The Art Place, 9 N. Main Street, beginning on February 13, doors open at 9:30 a.m. or call (603) 569-6159 phone lines open at 9:40 a.m.

I am really enjoying bring skies to life and light with oil paints in this show. Cloud formations can be so amazing and have infinite variety–like snowflakes, no two are alike. Here again, I had this great cloud and sun collaboration in search of a setting. And again another unique island and pine tree profile provides that. This is somewhere in those “Forty Islands” off of Gilford. That’s Gunstock and Belknap in the background. All the areas here required many layers of color to create the richness and depth that would hint at the infinite depth of the real thing. If you look closely, you can pull apart those different color combinations, and get a sense of how they work together. (Looking that close, you might also see some cat hair embedded, as well! Unavoidable I’m afraid.) The sky of course dominates, but two smaller elements really transformed it during the process. All the rocks started out as very dark silhouettes, and remained that way until nearing completion. In a very short amount of time, and with relatively few well-place strokes, the rocks gained dimension, and suddenly I felt like I was out there on the lake. It became real. More obviously, the sailboat adds so much–a focal point and maybe a bit of a story as the clouds roll in, the wind picks up, and it’s time to head for shelter.
Peter Ferber