Original watercolor by Peter Ferber20116 image of watercolor Mast Landing Fishing


20 5/8 x 14 inches, 29 x 22 3/8 framed size

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“Last summer I had taken an early morning excursion out along the Cotton Valley rail trail.  On my way back I caught these men loading up their boat at Mast Landing.  I’ve always loved that grouping of sheds and cottages right on the water there.  From certain angles they look like something you might see along the Maine coast, with their weathered shingle siding.  The light, the composition, and the activity made it “the one” from this outing.  There was a warmth to the scene–between the shallow water, the beach and the shed wall, so I did the underpainting in sepia to guide the rest of the colors in that warm direction.  (More often I’ll use a blue underpainting where there is a lot of green in the picture.)  I did a fairly complete rendering in that sepia before wetting and stretching the paper.  Then while it was still damp, I glazed over it with the various colors that blended together in the trees, the water, the beach, and the shadows on the building.  When the paper was dry, I added the darker spots, and the brighter color notes in the figures and boats.  Speaking of the boats, I gave them an upgrade (or downgrade, depending on your perspective) from an aluminum skiff and a Boston Whaler, to the vintage wooden boats that are more in keeping with what my heart saw that morning.” -Peter Ferber