Over By the Ramp

#2 Original watercolor, $2800

by Peter Ferber  14×20.5” image size, 23.75×30″ framed size

This is available for purchase now at The Art Place, 9 N. Main Street, Wolfeboro. It is part of the 2021 February Gallery show.

Visiting Chase Island, we wandered along the shore path–as you do on islands–and this little glimpse caught my eye at the neighbor’s place. First, the light coming thru the woods, then the ramp and canoe, also how you are led thru the trees to the dock, whose angle helped focus the composition. The tall trees suggested a vertical format, but I wondered if the foliage would be overbearing. After adding the branches in however, it took on the depth of an evergreen canopy, and sets off the brighter landscape beyond. I accessorized the pristine new dock with some old tires and a towel! The sailboat is another neighbor’s Typhoon 19, giving a reason to stop and look out at the lake for a moment. I imported the rope from the foot of the tree by the canoe, because it was a fun element of interest for the foreground, and I like how it picks up the light. – Peter Ferber