Pergola Perch

Pergola Perch

“One of the most charming features of the property is this wonderful pergola and gazebo taking you out to the edge of the view.  I’ve incorporated aspects of the period as well as the current landscape to portray what for me is the ultimate ideal for this architectural element.  I eliminated the trees that have grown up, so it stands out against the vista as the promontory it was.  I’ve also added the vines which were intended to grow on these pergolas, which though romantic were also destructive to their host.  Combined with some of the gorgeous gardens that now grace the grounds, this image now evokes a burgeoning if not slightly overgrown English garden that invites you to lose yourself within it for a while.  This oil wash technique is perfectly suited to this feel, letting the vegetation and structure emerge for the over all painted patina.”

– Peter Ferber

26 1/2 x 18 inches, unframed size

Unframed $170, framed price available upon request

We are also happy to help you create a custom framing design that fits your needs. This print is part of a limited edition set of 200 giclée prints. All limited edition prints are signed and numbered by the artist.

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