On Saturday, February 18, The Art Place in downtown Wolfeboro will hold its semi-annual Peter Ferber Gallery Show featuring new original paintings by local well-known artist Peter Ferber. The unveiling and artist’s reception will commence at 9:30 a.m. All are welcome to attend and meet the artist.  A snow date. if necessary, of Sunday, February 19th, has been set beginning at 11 a.m.

This morning when I looked out the window at the freshly fallen snow, I saw what I call a “Peter Ferber painting.” It’s an experience that I have quite often since I’ve graced the walls at the Art Place with Peter’s artwork.  In my mind’s eye, I can imagine Peter creating that scene in a painting.  He has the ability to capture dappled light as it gleans through trees, make perfect cloud formations, and create a wake from a wooden boat to the point where you think you can hear the motor.   These are all pictures that Peter is able to capture through his painting.  Basically, it is the essence of time standing still. Whatever moment in time, Peter Ferber captures it when he paints–it’s put down on paper, and it’s beauty has been preserved.  These snippets of images are a chance for me to step out of myself or what is going on in the world and breath in the beauty of a “Peter Ferber painting.”  For the rest of you who may or may not have experienced Peter’s paintings in your imagination, his artwork can be seen for real in this upcoming show at The Art Place located at 9 North Main Street, Wolfeboro, NH.

In referencing the upcoming show, Peter states, “As I look over the paintings taking shape for this next show, the common thread I find is that most are offshoots of other work–largely photo reference collected for other paintings that turn out to have merit of their own as a basis for a painting.  Last summer I did a large oil of the Robert’s Cove view.  I took a number of pictures focused on Quarter Mile Island.  The way I zoomed in on it from the hillside above created a wonderful composition.  There was also a sailboat moored next to it that was perfectly positioned as a center of interest, that hadn’t made it into the first painting.  Later, going down to the shore for a closer look at the island’s trees and ledge, a boat set out for an evening cruise.  The visual as it passed the island, and the sense of anticipation you feel heading out into the lake for a boat ride, launched another painting.

A few years ago in looking thru an old photo album in connection with work for Castle in the Clouds, I found a marvelous period image of the Kona Mansion boathouse.  Though it only included a portion of it, the detail was so wonderful I knew I needed to make use of it.  I’ve had it in my archive since, and it’s finally taken shape in two pieces–a watercolor and a cut paper assemblage.  It’s interesting to see the same subject approached in such different ways–one playing up the rich colors, the other focused solely on the textures, and the light and shadow.

From work on a poster project where I was trying to evoke the feel of an Arts and Crafts wood block print, I stumbled on the Tonalist style of painting which was going on during that same period.  The painterly style, rich, warm color schemes, and bold compositions have influenced my approach to several of the paintings in this show.  It was interesting to find how this style changed the way I looked at my subjects, and made me see possibilities where I might not have before.

What hasn’t changed is my focus on this area which everyday shows us more of its beauty.  There are many lovely atmospheric lake landscapes in this collection.  In addition to boathouses, there’s a porch, a Chris Craft, moonlight, snow, and even a Cornwall (England) cottage most of which were not my originally intended subjects, but got my attention the second time around.”

Since 1994 Peter Ferber has painted the official posters for the New England Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society’s annual show, which also comes as highly collectable artist proofs.  Peter has exhibited in over 50 shows in New England and the Midwest.  He has been featured story a on WMUR’s New Hampshire Chronicles. More than 100 reproductions of his work have been made, including over 70 limited edition prints.

Peter Ferber’s Gallery Show at The Art Place  will be on display through March 4th, or as long as paintings are available.  The Art Place is the exclusive gallery for Peter Ferber’s original artwork, and produces most of his limited edition prints.  The Art Place is located at 9 North Main Street, downtown Wolfeboro, NH and is open year round.  For more information, please call 603 569-6159, or toll free 866 569-6159.