Peter Ferber photo

“In a world that is increasingly complex, impersonal and high-tech, I find myself intrigued

with the simple, timeless and more comprehensible things that often go unnoticed. Having grown up spending all my summers in Wolfeboro, I am drawn to the rural New Hampshire landscape as inspiration for my paintings – the sparkling serenity in the play of evening light across the lake, the simple purity of a white clapboard barn in the snow, the warm patina of weathered boathouse shingles, are refreshing to my heart, as I hope they are to yours. My desire is not just to produce a pleasing image, but to have those who

see my work share something of the idea, the feeling, the moment of inspiration that moved me to do the painting.”

Peter’s original paintings are a diverse selection of oils, acrylics, watercolors, ink line drawings, and cut paper ensembles. The Art Place is the exclusive gallery for Peter’s original artwork, and produces many of his limited edition prints.

Since 1994, Peter Ferber has painted the official posters for the New England Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society’s annual show, which also come as highly collectable

artist proofs. These are arguably Ferber’s most popular work, but in fact since graduating from Principia College in St. Louis in 1976, he has been a prolific professional artist. More than 100 reproductions of his work have been made, including over 70 limited edition prints. His illustrations have appeared in national magazines, including Yankee, Antiques, and

Connoisseur, and a number of books including: a retrospective of the poetry and prose of Doris Peel, entitled Journey to a New Day, and a children’s book written by his wife Jeannie, entitled The Tails of Quince and Flute in Semer Wood.

“Beyond the appeal of the scenes themselves, I hope that my work will stir an awareness of the value of preserving the character and history of this rich landscape we all enjoy.”