Rocker Haven

#4 Rocker Haven, Original watercolor $3200, by Peter Ferber 25×14”  image size, 33×22″ framed size.

This is available for purchase now at The Art Place, 9 N. Main Street, Wolfeboro. It is part of the 2021 February Gallery show.

Approaching a porch from the back with the anticipation of what the lake beyond has to offer, is one of the little delights of lake life. It reminds me of when we were growing up. We always had some chores to do in the morning, before we could enjoy the water all afternoon. This often put us out back racking or gathering sticks for kindling. But when I’d hear a boat coming by, I had to stop and run down to where I could watch it go by thru the branches. That’s kind of what this painting evokes for me. The warm shade of the building structure frames the cool brightness of the lake and sky. I was so excited to come across this very original camp with tree trunks used for posts and railings. Then the complicated framing of the various roof sections. Notice the gable opening to the sky. I’d never seen that before. And then the third appearance of light in the window reflection, which carries that bright element across the whole composition. Finally, of course, the fun collection of rockers–no two alike–that continue around the corner. This is only about a third of this porch, and I didn’t even try to keep count of them all! This spot is at the Rocky Wold – Deep Haven camp on Squam Lake–a place they’ve kept as untouched since the late 1800’s as possible. A real museum, that you can actual stay in! Have a seat and listen for the low rumble of that Gar Wood going by.

Peter Ferber