White on White – Dory

Original watercolor by Peter Ferber


20 1/2” x 14” inches, 29 1/2” x 23” inches framed size

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(603) 569-6159


My informal “White on White” series usually involves a white building in the snow, where a few elements of windows, doors, and shadows on the white paper describe the subject. Here the white dory and the sand suggested a similar approach. I was also inspired by some of Andrew Wyeth’s studies which include only certain pertinent things rendered on a largely blank sheet. I love the strength of this approach–the boldness and delicacy as I decide what to include and what to leave out. This image came to me from an old camp photo album from the early 1900’s. As I looked at it, this concept came into my mind’s eye, and I followed thru with little change to what I had pictured. I could place the location as Warren Sands on Lake Wentworth, where I have recently visited and I could almost match the photos I’d taken with this 100-plus year old snapshot. I wonder if any of the trees I photographed are ones that show up in the old photo. I’d like to think so. I think it’s so interesting how such a small amount of visual information can convey a whole scene. And to my way of thinking much more dramatically than a completely rendered version. It was interesting to note the cleared ridge line, which is near where that tornado of a few years back had the same effect. – Peter Ferber