Who says a bathroom can’t be decorated with beautiful artwork? Especially if you have a large master bathroom, this space creates a great opportunity to get creative with colors and visual textures.

To get some inspiration, check out this great post on Britt + Co. Kristen Appenbrink writes about utilizing the space above your tub (if you don’t have a shower head) for a creative cluster of framed prints. Or, taking out the mirror in a kids’ bathroom is a fun opportunity to fit in an inspirational sign. Kristen also talks about “going bold” with wall color, and balancing that with images that have a lot of white space.

Framed shell prints used in Barbara Gibbs’ bathroom

Sample of frame used for framed shell prints

Barbara Gibbs used this technique in her recently re-decorated bathroom. The wall color is a deep, rich brown, and is broken up by several large framed prints of shells. This frame is really special — it has a shiny imitation mother-of-pearl finish, which really makes the shells pop!

The downside about putting art in a bathroom, is that if not taken care of correctly, humidity can permanently damage valuable pieces. This is why it’s always important to talk with a certified framer before putting artwork at risk. (And maybe put irreplaceable pieces in another part of the house.) Certified framers at The Art Place can help you make the best choices to preserve your artwork. Do you have some beautiful artwork in your bathroom? Leave a comment for us with your favorite bathroom decorating tips.