Patrons stand outside of The Art Place, waiting for the doors to open so they can see Peter Ferber’s new paintings.

As usual, on a cold Saturday morning in February, fans of local artist, Peter Ferber, waited outside our gallery for the unveiling of fourteen new original paintings. Peter Ferber is well-known for his paintings of local landscapes, especially those highlighting Lake Winnipesaukee. He is the illustrator of the annual Antique and Classic Boat Show poster, which many locals, and visitors to the Lakes Region, collect. His gallery shows are always an exciting time at The Art Place.

This year, Peter brought in a selection of paintings that feature many of New England’s varied seasons. In Boat Shed Gathering, Peter paints a scene of a September afternoon. This was a scene that he came across accidentally, but caught his eye. Peter usually keeps a camera with him, so he snapped photos which he used later to design this piece. Because of the realistic quality of Peter’s paintings, you might be surprised to hear that he paints in his studio, using images he’s collected to put together each painting. In Boat Shed Gathering, he swapped out a modern aluminum boat (which was actually on the scene when he photographed it), for a wooden skiff. These types of changes make Peter’s paintings reminiscent of a more peaceful time.

Boat Shed Gathering

Another scene that Peter came across accidentally was used to create Winter Veil. Although this painting’s subtle colors and delicate quality give the viewer a peaceful feeling, it was quite stressful to paint! Layers of opaque white gouache nearly blocked out all of the detailed watercolor work that sit underneath. But the risk of destroying the painting was worth the lovely feeling of soft snow on a cold New Hampshire day that Peter created.

Winter Veil

I think my favorite season for Peter to paint is summer. Cutting Through is a new visual twist on a summer day spent boating on Lake Winnipesaukee. Peter’s daring composition shows a graceful bow cutting through the water. But this painting also holds a tiny detailed landscape–a Peter Ferber staple.



Cutting Through

Although Peter usually works in watercolor, his oil and acrylic paintings are beautifully bold, and bring out a strong sense of sunlight in Peter’s already beautiful landscapes. Ridge Road Spectators, painted in acrylic, is a great example of how glowing light can be created with paint. Peter started this painting by creating a wash of red to sit underneath the other layers of paint. This strong color peeks through just a little bit, which makes the piece come alive.

Ridge Road Spectators

Several paintings from Peter Ferber’s 2018 winter show are still on display at The Art Place. Seeing them in person makes such a big difference, so be sure you stop by soon to get a glimpse of these new paintings from a favorite local artist. The gallery’s winter hours are Tuesday-Saturday 9:30-5:00.